Japan quake -Report 7

<April 18-20>


The university is now in full gear.

The unexpected long spring break due to the disaster is over.

How will we remember this break in the future?

Certainly not as enjoyable, but it was so dense.

We experienced too much. We thought, decided, acted, and talked a lot.

Our campus is full of students. I have to arrange reading assignments, prepare classes, orient new students, talk with students about their theses. It is nice to be back to the normal mode.


Statistics of death certificates from the disaster are now available and 90% of the deaths are from drowning or other water related death. The tsunami was the real killer. According to medical emergency people who did triage, most of them were green or black. Not much for them to do. Writing death certificates is a valuable job, but certainly not rewarding or fulfilling.

Under the water - I watched on TV in real time on March 11, so many lives were engulfed. I try not to imagine them visually.