Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist


Professor of Cultural Psychiatry and Medical Anthropology

Graduate School of Social Sciences

Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, Japan (since 2001)


She teaches courses on trauma in the global society.



Cultural Psychiatry, Medical Anthropology,

Trauma and Culture/Society, Gender/Sexuality, Bioethics




She graduated from Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, where she received her M.D. in 1986 and Ph.D. (public health and social medicine) in 1993.


She was a Visiting Research Fellow at the Department of Social Medicine, Harvard medical School form 1989 to 1990 and a Visiting Fellow at the Human Rights Program, Harvard Law School from 1990 to 1992.

She was also a Fulbright fellow at Harvard University and Cambridge Health Alliance (Victims of Violence Program) from 2007 to 2008.


She has published more than 10 books, edited 3 books and written numerous articles on trauma in Japanese.

She is on the editorial board of the journal of Japanese Society for Traumatic Stress Studies.


Clinically, as a psychiatrist, she supports trauma sufferers' recovery, especially from sexual and domestic violence. She also works closely with people recovering from drug and other addictions. She has given numerous lectures, training workshops, supervisions on these topics.


Her current research project is "Interaction of trauma and gender: psychopathology, deviation and creativity."


Her English articles include,

Miyaji, N. "A New Metaphor for Speaking of Trauma - The Toroidal Island Model", Violence and Victims, 29(1), pp.137-151, 2014

Miyaji, N. "Shifting identities and transcultural psychiatry", Transcultural Psychiatry, 39(2), pp.173-195, 2002


Other activities:

1993  Physician and public health specialist in the Association of Medical Doctors for Asia Health Project in Somalian refugee camps in Djibouti

1993-2001  Director of the AMDA International Medical Information Center Kansai

2001-2004  Committee member for the national and municipal governments in Japan on domestic violence policies

2005-2008  JICA (Japanese International Cooperation Agency) advisor for the Project Strengthening Integrated Health Care for the Population Affected by Violence and Human Rights Violation in the Republic of Peru

2013-2014  Committee member for the National Police Department on crimes of stalking

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