Japan quake -Report 8

<April 21-24>


I happened to watch a TV program on trekking foot paths in the Lake District of England, remembering my walk with Gina, after Mike Lew's "Healing the Healers Workshop" in Yorkshire in 2003. I met a nice British woman, Gina, at the workshop and we became soul friends.

I was planning to visit Gina with my children two years ago, but our schedules did not match and it was postponed.

Now I would love to walk in nature without worrying about aftershocks or radiation.


Then, what a coincidence!

Gina sent me e-mail. She wrote,

"Did you know that 25 years after Chernobyl, in North Wales farmers still have to have their sheep checked for radiation levels before they can send them to market? Now they mostly come within acceptable levels, but there is still an obscure market for those that don't. When I first came here to live people joked about the blue sheep in North Wales; those scoring high radiation levels were then dyed blue so that there could be no mistake about their destination. But where did/do those sheep go? Are they exported to some third world country and eaten there? Who knows? And these are just peripheral issues."

Blue sheep.....


The news said that now the Japanese government prohibits by law people going within 20 kilometers from the nuclear power plants in Fukushima.

Even people who have houses there will be fined if they try to go back home to get things.

The news showed cows that were left behind. They will starve to death. They are raised for producing milk and providing income for their owners. But they are companions for the owners as well.

Who could have imagined own home towns become deserted?