Japan quake -Report 10

<May 1- May 15>


May is a very nice season: not cold, not hot, not humid.

But there have been warnings of pretty big aftershocks. Some predictions are scientific (therefore general and vague), some are more psychic (more specific, but you never know how reliable they are) and some are based on animals' unusual behaviors (again, you never know how reliable).


We are in Golden Week. It is a week long vacation with several holidays and weekends combined.

Many people went to the disaster affected areas to do volunteer work. Probably too many at once, and too few later.


Just before the Golden Week, I helped to create e-learning material about psychological responses and mental care after disasters for AVN-3/11(Artists Volunteer Network), artists who will do volunteer work in the affected areas. The coordinators loved the content. I included compassion fatigue, survivor guilt, conflicts among helpers and survivors etc. I cautioned about sexual violence in the disaster areas. In Japan, it is still a kind of taboo to mention that.

It was a painstaking but fulfilling job to do, especially as I cannot do any work directly in the affected areas right now.


It is getting hard to keep writing reports regularly. I am pretty exhausted and need to reduce my workload.

But I am being asked to write some articles and books. Also I have lots of other regular work piled up.

Thank you for reading my reports and I hope you keep interested in this huge disaster and aftermath. 

There is still a long long way to go. I will try to write reports, even sporadically.