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Books (co-author)

2001  Miyaji, N., "Friendly Persuasion? Legislative Enforcement of Male Responsibility for Contraception", Tong, R., Anderson, G., Santos A., eds.

Globalizing Feminist Bioethics, 135-150 Westview Press (p.135-150)


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Book Reviews

1994  Miyaji, N., “Book Review of Fatal Tradeoffs”, Social Science and Medicine, 38(2):396-397

PUBLICATIONS IN JAPANESE   *Titles are English translations.

Books (sole author) and Monographs

2010  Miyaji, N., Can We Love Trauma?, Otsuki-shoten Publishers (174pages)


2007  Miyaji, N., Kanjou-Tou (Toroidal island) = Geopolitics of Trauma, Misuzu-shobou Publishers (240pages)


2005       Miyaji, N., Medical Anthropology of Trauma, Misuzu-shobou Publishers   (375pages)


2002       Miyaji, N., Living in a Foreign Culture, Seiwa-shoten Publishers    (240pages)


1991  Miyaji, N., Mental Health Handbook—Facts and Advice for Japanese in Boston, Boston:  Japanese Association of Greater Boston

Books (editor and co-author)

2008  Miyaji, N., Sexual Dominance and World History: From Colonialism to Ethnic Cleansing., Ohtsuki-shoten Publishers. 338pages(pp.17-63)


2008  Miyaji, N., Handbook of How to Treat Victims of Domestic Violence in Medical Settings, Akashi-shoten Publishers (216 pages)


2004  Miyaji, N., Trauma and Gender: from Clinical Contexts, Kongou-shuppan  

Books (section author)

2007       Watanabe, M., Watanabe, O. eds. “Modern Envioronment.” ShunPousha

                 (Miyaji, N., “Trauma: mental health in everyday life”) 179pages(pp.121-138)


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Other Reports (Corporate Author)

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Medical School