Japan quake -Report 6

<April 13-17>


I am back in Tokyo. Every time I am on the bullet train from Osaka to Tokyo, I worry about a Tokai (Shizuoka and Nagoya area) earthquake. A huge Tokai earthquake has been expected for a long time, but the one in Tohoku came earlier.


In Tokyo, we still get aftershocks almost everyday.

I had one while I was seeing a patient who has lots of PTSD symptoms. We just sat there. I asked if she was ok. She said yes. She gets panicky when the room gets dark or being underground. But luckily she tolerated the aftershock.

There is "a jet coaster effect." Having a scary experience together makes the feeling of bonding strong. Is it good for her or for me? Well, who has written about doing psychotherapy under aftershocks?

We are still in a unusual condition.