Dear my global friends whom I have met and have not met

Hello, after a long silence!


Second anniversary for the great earthquake is coming soon.

I wanted you to know what was happening in Japan, so I wrote frequently in English on this website.

I guess it was a kind of hyperarousal reaction. Then I got very exhausted.


However, I published two books in Japanese since then.

One is "Disaster trauma and restoration stress" (Iwanami Publisher 2011). I wrote it in order to let people know that not only the acute period but also the recovery process can be very difficult and need understanding and help.

The other one is "trauma" (Iwanami Publisher 2013) for general audience. Psychiatric information as well as social/cultural issues are covered.


Now  I am reflecting these two years, which was intense, full of sorrow but with lots of friendship.


We have to face uncertainties of this ever-changing world, but I hope we can cherish our daily lives with humor, wisdom, hope and continuing friendship.