I have not been updating this blog for 4 years.

So sorry, if you were waiting!

It has been exhausting after the 2011 earthquake, and I've been busy.


My book "Trauma" published in 2013 was very well received.

There were nice book reviews in newspapers, and is starting to be considered a textbook on the subject.

It was also translated into Korean and published!


My new book "Mother is Born" was also published in 2016. This book will be translated in to Vietnamese and published soon. So exciting!


This academic year, I have been on sabbatical and spent two months in New Zealand.

It was really beautiful, and I developed great friendships and professional networks. We were able to share our concerns and experiences with earthquakes and other traumas, and talk about future actions.


I was also on a community radio in Christchurch, and if anyone is interested, my talk is available at



Plains FM

Lighthouse of hope 31/01/2017

Trauma model from Japan


I'd love to hear your comments!